How to Place an Acca on bet365: Accumulator Betting Guide

2 August 2022
by Katrina

My favorite kind of bet is the accumulator, without question. It is the one type of bet, that allows you the opportunity to have a bet at large odds without having to back a huge outsider. In this guide, I will give you some tips for enjoying placing accumulator bets at bet365, and getting over the hurdles that some acca bettors struggle with.

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What is an Accumulator?

It should go without saying, but to place an accumulator, you should first know what an accumulator is. An accumulator is a type of wager where players back multiple teams, totals, or other events to win within the same wager. For example, if you thought that both Essendon and Fremantle were going to win during the same AFL match day, you could back both of them to win in an accumulator ticket.

Now, it should be pointed out that in order for your accumulator ticket to be successful, all of the outcomes you picked for it must win. If even one leg of your acca falls short, the entire ticket is scored as a loss, and your funds are lost with it. In this guide on how to place an accumulator, we will give you some tips on how to place the ideal bet365 accumulator.

In terms of what makes a bet365 accumulator so appealing, it is the increased payouts. Accumulator bets see their odds amplified with the more legs that are added onto them, making them a high risk and high reward proposition. If you are willing to take that risk, you have the chance to see a massive windfall, which makes an acca worth a try a good percentage of the time.

Also, it is worth noting that when one of the legs in your acca results in a push, the number of legs in your acca is reduced for the purposes of paying out the ticket. For example, if your acca consisted of three legs, but one of them pushed, you would then be scored on the other two legs, as if the pushed leg did not exist. While this results in a reduced payout, it is better than receiving a loss for the push.

How to Place an Accumulator

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When placing a bet365 accumulator, you will be as surprised as I was when you find out just how easy it is to do. Much like the rest of bet365’s easy to use interface, convenience is the name of the game here, which is why I would rather place an acca at bet365 than with sites that make it more difficult to place these more exotic bet types.

To place an accumulator at bet365, all you have to do is select the individual legs that you want to incorporate into your accumulator bet. From there, you are able to go to the bottom of your bet slip, where you are shown options for multiple bets, if you are indeed interested in placing them. To place your acca, just choose the multi bet option that combines all of your selection into one bet, and enter your stake. Once you have chosen your desired legs, bet type, and stake, you can place the Place Bet button to confirm your accumulator bet.

When choosing your accumulator bet from the multi bets menu, you will be able to see the odds that acca carries before the start of your matches. At that point, you can enter in a desired stake amount, and be shown how much you would stand to make if your accumulator was successful in every leg, as bet365 multiplies your stake amount by the odds for that bet to determine your prospective payout.

bet365 Accumulator Tips

As someone who has put together plenty of ambitious accumulators, I know first hand that there are some pitfalls to avoid when setting up your bet365 accumulator. Chief among those pitfalls is to avoid putting too many teams into your acca. While the thought of a giant payout is alluring, the odds to win also increase when you keep adding teams to your betslip. Fortunately, no bet365 code is required to place an accumulator, although you can use our referral code if you wish.

Please note: bet365 does not offer bonus codes in Australia and BETMAX365 referral code does not grant access to offers.

On a similar note, stick to what you know when placing your acca on bet365. While picking a sporting event set to start shortly can be a quick way to increase the number of legs in your acca and therefore increase the potential payout, you limit your chances of winning big by going outside of your comfort zone and failing to stick to what you know.

Finally, never risk too much on an accumulator bet. Accas are meant to be fun wagers that carry with them the ability to win loads of cash. What they are not meant to be is a destination for a large chunk of your bankroll, as they are not consistent winners for bettors (myself included) thanks to their long odds and requirement for several sporting events to go off without a hitch, which is so difficult to do thanks to things like injuries and random variance between the teams.

Instead, just go with small unit sizes when dealing with accumulator bets, and let the odds of the bet itself carry you to the financial destination you wish to reach. While you may kick yourself if you win an acca at long odds on a small dollar amount, that is a much better feeling than having the rush of risking a large amount on an acca only to lose it.

In all, how to place an accumulator on bet365 is simple. All I had to do was choose all of the teams that I wanted to include in the acca and my stake amount, and bet365 did the rest. From there, all I was left to do was watch all of the games featuring teams in my accumulator.

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