Top Sports Leagues to Bet on at bet365 and What to Expect

24 April 2022
by Katrina

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There may not be a bad sports league to bet on at bet365 after you enter your bet365 referral code, what with all of the betting markets available for players at all times, and in-play action to be had across the board as well, no matter how obscure the sport and league.

But when it comes to the top sports leagues to bet on at bet365, they just tend to have that extra something that makes betting on those leagues so much more fun than betting on other leagues around the world. Here are some of the top sports leagues to bet on at bet365.

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AFL: Betting on the Top Aussie Rules League at bet365

What I liked about being able to bet on the AFL at bet365 was the number of markets available to choose from. When a match week approaches, there are countless options to choose from, from simple markets such as which team will win the match and what the final margin of victory will be to more complicated questions, like which players will score and other more specific markets specific to individual players in each match.

bet365 also has a great selection of futures wagers to choose from when it comes to the AFL, which makes betting on the AFL at bet365 even more fun. I was able to choose from the standard fare of which team will win the Grand Final to far more interesting offerings, including which team will rack up the most losses over the course of the season to what state the Grand Final winner will be from, as well as which player will win the Brownlow Medal. Overall I was spoiled for choice when it came to betting on the AFL using bet365, although it should be noted that betting market availability is subject to change.

NBA: All-Star Basketball Betting for Hoops Fans

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As a big NBA fan, every betting site has NBA odds available, so the question is how to make those odds as interesting as possible. bet365 does this very well, thanks to their ability to take what should be standard betting markets and blow them up to larger degrees, to make betting on normal betting markets feel much bigger and more interesting than they would be otherwise.

For example, take a look at the NBA margin of victory markets for each game on bet365. This is a very normal betting market, as players have always been able to try to predict how many points a team will win or lose by. But what makes the bet365 version of this market so much fun is that there are just so many options to choose from, with a robust number of ways to bet the margin of victory market at bet365.

The site provides different margin of victory options by offering tighter windows to choose from. A five option margin of victory market, for example, would have ranges of more than a few points, making it easier to fall within each range and win each bet, theoretically. With plenty of options to choose from in that market, those ranges shrink to make room for each additional bet option. This would make it more difficult to win each bet, but would increase the payout for each option, making it worthwhile to lose out on those bets on a more frequent basis than I would with just a few choices.

NRL: How to Bet on the Continent’s Top Pro Rugby Competition

Rugby betting is interesting, because an entire game can change on just one penalty decision or mishandled pass. It is that level of detail deciding a match that makes betting on the NRL so much fun, which puts it on our short list of the best sports leagues to bet on at bet365. What also puts the NRL on that list is the types of fun markets that are typically available during NRL season that take any rugby match and put it over the top.

For me, I love being able to bet on different try scorer odds. These markets are great if you have been watching a given team closely, as you are able to apply your knowledge of what they are doing on offense to this market to find the best possible odds. Say, for example, that a team has been attacking to a certain part of the field more often than other parts of the field, and that attacking strategy is poised to benefit one player over another, that knowledge can be used to score a big win.

In a similar vein, using recent form to inform your first try scorer market decisions is another reason that I love betting on the NRL above most other sports leagues. Maybe a team is having trouble defending on side of the field. Using that information to back a player who plays in that weak point of his opponent’s defense is a great way to earn an easy win just by knowing your stuff. The same can be said about players who are on good form as of late, as they tend to be likely to score and repeat their form, and can sometimes be had at favorable odds depending on how well known the player is.

UFC: A Must for Combat Sports Betting Enthusiasts

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Mixed martial arts rarely get enough love as something to bet on, as some people are a little turned off by the brutality of it all. I, however, am a huge fan of betting on MMA, especially UFC action. bet365 has a ton of options to choose from when betting on UFC, from standard fight winner markets to combination bets where you are tasked with predicting the round in which the fight will be won along with the round that the fight will be finished in. While it can be challenging to predict that a fight is going to end in the second round because of a submission hold, the reward for doing so has the potential to be much higher than just predicting who will win a bout.

These four leagues are my personal favorites to bet on at bet365, but of course your top choices may differ based on which sports you like. No matter what your preferences, there will be something for you at bet365.

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